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Anaxis Short Duration

Fund objective: this fund relies on an active and discretionary management of a portfolio comprised predominantly of corporate bonds. It seeks a gross performance 2.15% higher than 12-month interbank rates. The fund's duration ranges from 0 to 3 years at all times.

Inception date: 19th November 2010

Portfolio management: the managers build the portfolio to optimize the expected return with a low risk of default and price volatility. Fund management relies on fundamental credit analysis of corporate bonds as well as the construction of a diversified portfolio. Depending on their analyses, the managers may also decide to hold a portion of the fund’s assets in money market instruments or short term government bonds. The rating and sector breakdowns can evolve over time. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

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Performance & statistics

Date: 16/06/17

  Class I - EUR Class J - USD Class K - CHF
NAV: 1212.24 1288.22 1097.10
YTD performance: 0.55% 1.39% 0.48%
Accumulated coupons: N/A N/A N/A
Cumulative performance: 21.22% 28.82% 9.71%
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Weighted average yield-to-maturity: 2.38%
Weighted average duration: 1.38
Issuers (groups): 88


Portfolio’s breakdown

Country allocation

Sector allocation

Main features

Status: Open to new subscriptions
Investment vehicle: French FCP, in accordance to European directive (UCITS)
Manager: Anaxis Asset Management SAS
Liquidity: Daily
Custodian: BNP PARIBAS Security Services
Administrator: BNP PARIBAS Fund Services
Auditor: PwC Sellam represented by Mr. Frédéric Sellam
Class E1 - EUR : FR0010951426 (ISIN), ANABOE1 FP (Bloomberg), 12009614 (Telekurs)
Class E2 - EUR: FR0010951434 (ISIN), ANABOE2 FP (Bloomberg), 12009618 (Telekurs)
Class S1 - CHF: FR0010951442 (ISIN), ANABOS1 FP (Bloomberg), 12009622 (Telekurs)
Class U1 - USD: FR0010951467 (ISIN), ANABOU1 FP (Bloomberg), 12009629 (Telekurs)
Class U2 - USD: FR0010951475 (ISIN), ANABOU2 FP (Bloomberg), 12039922 (Telekurs)
Class I - EUR : FR0010951483 (ISIN), ANABOEI FP (Bloomberg), 12039925 (Telekurs)
Class J - USD: FR0011011618 (ISIN), ANABOUJ FP (Bloomberg), 12550463 (Telekurs)
Class K - CHF: FR0011352202 (ISIN), ANABOCK FP (Bloomberg), 20176071 (Telekurs)
Class AF - EUR: FR0011272160 (ISIN), ANABOAF FP (Bloomberg)