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Anaxis’ mission is to generate absolute return for its clients. This objective is applied to the three investment processes developed within the group: credit, equity and alternative asset management.

Anaxis manages its bond portfolios with an absolute return objective. Anaxis implements an investment methodology that relies on comprehensive and thorough bottom-up fundamental credit analysis. No reference to a benchmark is made. Anaxis manages 5 funds in this field:

Anaxis Income Advantage
The Fund aims to outperform 3-year-maturity German government bonds by 4%, after fees, by investing mainly in corporate bonds.

Anaxis Short Duration
Anaxis Short Duration relies on an active and discretionary management of a portfolio comprised predominantly of corporate bonds. It seeks a gross performance 2.15% higher than 12-month interbank rates. The fund's duration ranges from 0 to 3 years at all times.

Anaxis Bond Opportunity EUR 2018
This fund targets at its 31th December 2018 maturity a net annualized return of 5% by investing mainly in European corporate bonds.

Anaxis Bond Opportunity US 2017
This fund targets at its 31th December 2017 maturity a performance superior to the US T-Note with a 5-year maturity by investing mainly in US corporate bonds.

Anaxis Bond Opportunity EM 2020
This fund targets at its 31th December 2020 maturity an annualized performance, net of management fees, of more than 5.40% by investing predominantly in emerging country corporate bonds.

The fund AAM European Equities is a stock picking fund on European equities. It targets to outperform the European equity indices over a full market cycle with lower volatility. The fund favors defensive sectors, high quality companies (which are less volatile) and which create high economic value added.

Alternative Asset Management (Access reserved to investors)
Anaxis has launched the Anaxis Sabre Style Arbitrage (ASSAF) in partnership with London-based Sabre Fund Management. The investment universe is mainly comprised of the most liquid world stocks. The portfolio is highly diversified, maintains a neutral exposure to stock markets and minimizes sector bets.