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Legal notice

Corporate Information
This is the website of ANAXIS, a public limited company incorporated under Swiss law, having a capital of 100 000 Swiss Franc, being registered in the register of commerce of Geneva under federal number CH-550-1040390-9, having its main offices 19, rue du Mont Blanc, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland. Contact: Jean-Julien Goettmann. Tel.: +41 (0)22 716 18 20.

This website is hosted by AMEN, Dada S.P.A. Group, 12-14, Rond Point des Champs Elysées 75008 Paris.

This website is exclusively intended for investment professionals. Its purpose is to provide information on various products and financial services of the Anaxis group.

Non Solicitation
This website shall not constitute any recommendation, any investment proposal, any offer to provide any service, nor any solicitation to buy or sell any security, instrument or investment product. This website has been published for information purposes only and does not create a commercial relationship between the user and Anaxis. An offer can only be made on the basis of a prospectus, and only to qualifying investors as defined by such prospectus in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Restricted Access
The products mentioned on this website may take different forms, be established in different jurisdictions, implement various types of strategies, be subject to different regulations and target different categories of investors. Access to products and services presented on this website may be subject to restrictions with regard to certain persons or certain countries. As a visitor to this website, it is your responsibility to be aware of and to respect all applicable laws and regulations, in particular those of your domicile, your country of nationality and the place from which you access the website.

The information obtained from this website may not be distributed to any other person or reproduced. No link to this website may be created without Anaxis’ prior consent.

Legal, Regulatory and Tax Advisory
The visitor to this website should first check the legal, regulatory, tax and financial characteristics of any considered transaction with regard to his/her personal situation. The Anaxis group does not provide any legal, regulatory or tax related services.

Reliance on Information
The information available on this website has no contractual value. It is not a complete description of any product or service. Any investment in a financial product should only be done after a careful reading of the product’s prospectus and all other regulatory information documents. In addition, past returns are no guarantee of future returns. Returns vary over time.

Net asset values, returns and other figures mentioned on this website have generally not been certified by any auditor and, when they have been, should be read within the context on the full audited report including its accompanying notes and appendices.

The information contained herein may not be up to date. More recent information may be available from Anaxis or third parties. In addition, this website may contain errors or omissions and is subject to change without notice. Anaxis cannot guarantee that this website or the information it contains has not been intentionally altered by third parties or malicious code. 

Some information contained herein has been received from third parties or publicly available sources which Anaxis does not imply are correct and you should independently verify this information if you intend to rely upon it. Anaxis will not be liable for any reliance placed upon the content of this website by any person.

Anaxis has not reviewed the websites linked to this one and cannot be held responsible for the content of any such site.

Before any investment decision, an investor should carefully read the description of risks as mentioned in the prospectus and other documents provided by its contact person in connection with the product considered. Such risks may lead to a decrease in the value, and even a complete loss of the invested monies.

Password Protection
Some of the information and some documents contained in this website may be password protected in order to prevent use by unauthorised users or non-qualifying investors. Obtaining a password from Anaxis does not create any right for the user or any obligation for Anaxis. Anaxis may change or cancel passwords, modify access rules and remove information or documents from its website without notice and shall not be liable for such changes.

Personal Information
Anaxis may collect, store and use personal information on the visitor to this website. Such information will be treated as confidential but may be forwarded within the Anaxis group or to service providers if necessary to ensure the desired service quality.

In compliance with the French Loi Informatique et Libertés of 6 January 1978 (as amended) on personal data protection you have rights of access, correction and suppression of your personal data. You may exercise these rights by contacting ANAXIS.

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1201 Geneva, Switzerland.


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