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Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy relies on six principles shared by the entire investment team:

An approach based on convictions
Asset Management is non-benchmarked and reflects the convictions of the managers rather than market indices.

Anticipation and active management
We spend considerable resources on our macro-economic analysis. Understanding where we are in the economic cycle and forecasting the next one and its consequences on different asset classes is of paramount importance to successful portfolio management.

An open-minded approach
Our team keeps an open mind and analyses all investment opportunities in their respective field. A bad investment at a given time can become a good one at another time (and vice versa). We favour simple investment strategies but do not hesitate to implement more sophisticated ones to improve the resilience of our products.

Experience, hard work, and discipline
Success in asset management relies on three pillars: experience of the fund managers, comprehensive and relevant coverage and discipline in the investment process.

Diversification is one of the rare free lunches in finance. Diversification reduces risk without reducing expected return. For a pre-determined risk level, one can increase the expected return of one’s portfolio by improving diversification. Anaxis always maintains good diversification in its portfolios.

Hindsight and Patience
Any investment strategy requires time to deliver its full potential.